Microgaming Releases Innovative New Games

In a recent press release from its headquarters on the Isle of Man, industry-leading online gaming software developer Microgaming announced it will be releasing two new games during July. The company further stated that the games will be innovative with features new to the gaming community. Additionally, these new releases will be available through the QuickFire and Flash platforms.


The first of the new releases is Hexaline, an alternative slot game that requires players to complete the chain of adjacent hexagons that form a honeycomb grid. Once the payouts are issued, the winning blocks are replaced by new blocks. If the new set of blocks creates a winning combination, another payout is issued.

Gold Trail Bonus Game

Like a regular slot game, Hexaline also boasts a bonus game. If three or more bonus symbols appear after all payouts have been awarded, the Gold Trail Bonus game is triggered. The game requires players to select hexagons to advance toward the right side of the grid. Each pick on their journey to the side of the grid adds to their winnings. This occurs until the end bonus symbol is selected.

Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition

The second online game slated for a July release is Multi-Player Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition which is the third game multi-player casino game in Microgaming’s repertoire and the first that is not a slot. The game is played in a live casino environment that allows players to bet alongside one another. Therefore, online players will be able to follow the betting pattern of lucky players and make more money off of those participants.

Table Speeds

Also, players can compete to be the biggest winner at each table. Since the game is only multi-player, participants do not have the luxury of taking their time to place a bet. Instead, there are three different tables: 20, 40, and 60 seconds. This means players must think and act quickly. Additionally, players can select an alias and avatar before selecting a game and can chat with other players.

The two aforementioned online games are much more innovative than any other current release. Microgaming has always been the pioneer with regards to innovation; this is further proof of their success. Due to the new gameplay, these two games are sure to be instant classics with many more exciting new games to come from Microgaming.

Video Poker Games The Main Attraction

At Roxy Palace online casino, video poker games seem to be the main attraction for the month of June. The largest wins have occurred on video poker variants. Also, the wins have occurred across many different variants. The largest win in June was on Double Decker Poker in which the winner took home 21, 525 Euros.

Double Decker Poker

The game is based on the Jacks or Better pay structure and generates interest through four-of-a-kind hands. The highest paying hands include four aces, four twos, four threes, and four fours. These all have special payouts depending on the fifth card in the hand. The highest payout is 400 Euros for four aces and the fifth card of two, three, or four. This variant is a favorite amongst video poker enthusiasts.

Bonus Deuces Wild

In June, another winner took home 16,425 Euros by wagering on Bonus Deuces Wild which is based on the Deuces Wild pay structure. Two are the wild cards and three-of-a-kind starts the payout table. Also, there is a five-of-a-kind winning combination which includes the wild card. The higher payouts are awarded for four twos and an ace. The natural royal flush is the highest paying combination on the pay scale.

Joker Poker

Also at the beginning of June, one winner took home 9,810 Euros by participating in Joker Poker. This game is played with a 53-card deck, the extra card is the joker (wild card). The payouts start at a pair of kings or higher. The payout is the same as most other video poker games with the exception of a joker royal flush and five of a kind.

Joker Poker And Deuces

3,900 Euros was won on June 3rd between Joker Poker and Deuces. The payouts began with a hand of three-of-a-kind. If all five wild cards appear in the dealt hand, Joker Poker and Deuces payout out a large 10,000 coins. Due to the combination of video poker variants, Joker Poker and Deuces is a popular game.

A Trend In Online Gaming

In the past, slots have boasted the biggest winners. However, in a rare occurrence during the beginning of June, video poker took home the dough. Perhaps this is a growing trend toward more individuals playing online video poker and thus winning larger pots. Ultimately, only the final numbers will tell at the end of the month.